Concerts & Touring

“It’s more than just music”

Audiovisual support for concerts and touring

We have the capability to operate from multiple locations in Europe. This is a huge asset for both one-day concerts and longer tours.

What our customers say

"Maximum flexibility"

Flexibility is key!

Thomas Boets


"The perfect technical partner"

Lust For Live has been Scala's perfect technical partner for several years now. Support for tours at home and abroad, lighting design, realization of decor, building flight cases, ... quality is always 100% guaranteed!

Stijn Kolacny


Collaborate with Lust For Live for your concert

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Smooth process

We have decades of experience as a supplier of audiovisual services at concerts.

European network

We have multiple locations within Europe from which we can supply equipment and crew resources. This is a huge asset for both one-day concerts and long-term tours.

Fine-tune your concert

Various rehearsal facilities offer the possibility to prepare the concert down to the last detail.


No club is too small, no stadium is too big. Lust For Live ensures a perfect process.

The best technical installations

We only want the very best for your live concert. We are a one-stop-shop for all necessary techniques.